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OBR Collected BIF 51.88 Billion In January 2014

calculetteProvisional revenue collection results for January 2014 show that OBR collected BIF 51.88bn. The target for January was BIF 53.06bn, meaning that the results are 2.22% below target. The main reason for the shortfall is a dividend which was originally forecast to be paid in January, and will eventually be paid in full in February.

Compared to the revenues collected in January 2013, the results show a decrease of BIF 5.27bn. That is a 9.22% year-on-year decrease in monthly revenue performance. This can be explained by the change in the income law: until 2013 an interim corporate payment was made in January, whereas this is no longer the case.


For the reasons stated above, it will be better to view the results of January and February together in order to have a clearer idea of trends emerging for 2014. Of course, the first quarter’s results will be all important as an installment of corporate profits tax is payable in March.

The detailed figures for the first month of 2014, shown alongside the comparative figures for the same period in 2011, 2012 and 2013 are as follows: -







51 879 030 630

57 148 284 942

53 737 629 723

37 853 937 196

OBR will continue in its mission to secure revenues for strengthening the Burundi economy and is determined to play its role to improve the business climate in Burundi.