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The East African Community Tax Administrations address Technical Issues

DSC 0034 1The East African Revenue Authority Technical Committee held its 66th meeting in Bujumbura from 29 to 31 January 2014. This meeting aimed at reviewing the joint steps already taken by the five East African Community revenue authorities in addition to previewing the technical challenges they face in their work.

During a press briefing following the official opening, OBR Commissioner General Kieran Holmes told reporters that « these meetings aim primarily the exchange of information on the performance of revenue collection in our respective countries, the major reforms implemented, and international best practices.” He was supported at the press briefing by Mrs. Martine Nibasumba, Director of Planning and Research, and Ms. Eva J. Mmasi Deputy Commissioner of Investigations in Tanzania Revenue Authority. They added that the ultimate goal of these meetings is “to establish revenue maximization and common search for a favorable business climate capable of attracting investors from EAC member countries.”

Burundi’s Revenue Authority OBR being the youngest fiscal administration in the EAC expressed the wish to renew trainings of his staff which are given by sister fiscal administrations. This request has been analyzed and will be recommended to the Commissioner Generals of the EAC at their next meeting in April.

Having joined this committee in 2010, the OBR has always enjoyed the support of sister fiscal administrations and is represented in all sub-committees.