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The Deputy Commissioner General of the OBR Engaged in the Fight against Fraud, Smuggling and Corruption

 DSC5289The Deputy Commissioner General of the OBR animated Monday, December 9, 2013 a sensitization meeting against fraud, smuggling and corruption for traders and administrative officials of Giteranyi Commune in Muyinga province.

"We are here to explain you how the OBR works and discus with you about prospects for improving the partnership between taxpayers that you are and the Burundi’s office of revenue collection for the public treasury," said Dr. Domitien Ndihokubwayo. He then explained the importance of taxes in the nation building. "Thanks to the revenues collected by the OBR, the country succeeds for instance to pay regularly salaries to your nurses, teachers of your children, police for your safety, etc…”, he added before stressing the consequences of fraud and smuggling on the traders themselves and the country in general. “The country remains economically undeveloped, and the traders end up closing their business when they are surprised and punished in accordance with the EAC Customs law which does not spare OBR’s employees if they are guilty of professional faults”, said Dr. Ndihokubwayo.

The governor of the Muyinga province Mr. Ildphonse Ntawunkunda vigorously supported the Deputy Commissioner General by inviting the numerous traders who were partaking to the meeting to ask useful questions about how the OBR should improve taxpayer services for easily tax compliance.

“I personally don’t have any problem with OBR, instead some trader of us create problems”, declared Jonas a representative of traders of Kobero. He and other traders said they were very pleased with the meeting with the Deputy Commissioner General and asked OBr to facilitate them for tax compliance notably in working more hours per day, until 4 pm for example like neighbouring Rwanda, and in creating a local OBR’s post in at Rumandari in Giteranyi commune. Confirming the existence of fraud and smuggling in their commune, the traders also wished to see OBR organizes taxpayer education, translation of the laws in Kirundi and stick them up in OBR’s offices, etc.

The traders were clearly satisfied with the reaction of the Deputy Commissioner General and said they are going to comply with tax laws in their business, and Dr. Domitien Ndihokubwayo promised them to be always available for answering to their inquiries any time.