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Kieran Holmes successfully completes his term as head of the OBR


Agricultural inputs subsidized by revenues to more than 18.5 tonnes / year, while the bar did not exceed 6.4 tonnes before the activities of the OBR; livestock enriched; thermal plants subsidized by revenues totaling 14Milliards Burundian francs; investment being 100% of the construction of the Mpanda hydroelectric dam; the construction of a referral hospital in the province of Karusi; Grant price of fuel at the pump, etc.

4 Years leading the first semi-autonomous tax administration in Burundi (OBR)

OBR CG 2014

A transformational leader, that is what Mr Kieran HOLMES, the outgoing Commissioner General appears to be, after listening to the presentation he gave at his last press conference.

Assisted by the OBR Senior Management Team, the OBR Commissioner General started by giving a short presentation on what OBR has achieved since its inception to date both in terms of revenue collection and various other reforms introduced to facilitate trade. He added that when he joined OBR in June 2010, the administration had almost nothing by way of resources. There were no staff (only the executive and senior management team was appointed), a lot of corruption within the institution, most of the OBR activities were manual, there was significant resistance to change, no collaboration with the private sector and service delivery was extremely poor.

OBR Collected BIF 40.30 Billion In May 2014


Provisional revenue collection results for May 2014 show that OBR collected BIF 40.30bn. The corresponding target was BIF 41.05bn, meaning that the results are 1.83% below target.

OBR Collected BIF 63.50 Billion In April 2014


Provisional revenue collection results for April 2014 show that OBR collected BIF 63.50bn. The corresponding target was BIF 43.02bn, meaning that the results are 47.62% above target. Compared with the revenues collected in April 2013 (38.99bn), the results show an increase of BIF 24.51bn. This is a 62.87% year-on-year increase in monthly revenue performance.

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 NY CGOn 10 July, the CG addressed a meeting of the International Peace Institute at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York on the importance of domestic revenue mobilization in peace-building and state-building.  In his speech, which was broadcast via the web and heavily tweeted, he advocated for greater international involvement in building effective revenue institutions as a means of ending poverty and creating the conditions for economic growth in the countries where they operate.


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